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Roplast - MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) Upgrade

Migrate Manufacturing and Sales data from Access 97 to 2013 in order to maintain warranty with vendor.  Plan future migration to Odoo MRP.  Developed mobile solution for inventory tracking on the Manufacturing floor.  Performed several enhancements to yearly accounting reports.  Implemented custom integration between Microsoft Access and Dynamics GP.

Tools Used

Microsoft SQL, Access 2013, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Accounting), Odoo MRP

Implementation Plan

Recruiters Logic

Provided Technical Support and Software Development for Client to include creating new and updating existing Actions and Triggers related to Automations for Integrated Systems (PCRecruiter, We Wired Web, Bullhorn, WPJobBoard with Wordpress website. This also included making changes to page configurations to allow for updates to appear on website.

Tools Used

MySQL, J2EE, Java, WordPress, JavaScript, PHP, XML, JSON, LAMP, WPJobBoard, Bullhorn

Client SaaS Website

Automation Editor

Sub-Client Jobs Page