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Creighton Univ Relations - Alumni Website Redesign

Creighton University Relations - Alumni Website Redesign
Custom Design on Drupal 8 Publishing Platform

Website URL: In Staging, not yet live in production

Creighton University Relations partnered with a digital strategy and design vendor, OHO Interactive, as well as University Communications and IT on a significant re-organization and re-design of alumni.creighton.edu. The site will launch in conjunction with the public launch (fall 2020) of the largest fundraising campaign in Creighton’s history. Critical to the success of the public phase is a website that both engages audiences and drives them to give online.

 - Framework: Drupal 8.7
 - Critical Modules:
    - Config Split
    - JSON:API
    - Entity API
    - Paragraphs
    - CSS Grid
    - Creighton Publishing Platform (custom/proprietary)