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How to extend an existing Drupal 8 Form

The Drupal FOSS CMS (Free and Open Source Software Content Management System) is considered to be the one of the most developer friendly CMS available. However, for those new to Drupal, something as "simple" as changing the text displayed after submitting a form can be daunting. Originally released in 2011, with Drupal 7, the Drupal Entity API defines different types of information stored and displayed in Drupal. When Drupal 8 was released, the concept was further refined into what's referred to as "specifically typed objects", meaning that each Entity is defined as having a specific set of information and operations that can be performed on it. As you might imagine, Drupal 8 Forms are used to perform operations on Entities, such as add, edit, and delete. When creating a form, a form handler is used to define which class should be used. So, when you want to modify the implementation of a form, you will need to extend the original

WordPress 5.2 Jaco (Update): Debugging and Fixing Tools

With the latest version of WordPress comes with some pretty awesome sounding tools . The number of community and third-party plugins have continued to grow over the years and with that growth and WordPress core continues to change dramatically (*harum* Gutenberg *cough*). To keep up with changes, the WP Core devs have introduced a few new features that you may find helpful. Site Health Check Site Health Status Performance Checks Security Checks Site Health Info PHP Error Protection Additional Developer Updates Site Health Check (improved) The Site Health Check tool was first

tekSolution: Protect & Defend against attacks on Wordpress

Recently, we published a support article on our knowledge base regarding how we have implemented security measures on Wordpress websites.  Because we think this information is valuable to everyone, we are elaborating here on the topic. Security is an increasing concern for Wordpress websites, especially since the rise of bad bots on the internet last year.  These automated bad actors may be doing anything from scanning your website for security holes up to an including performing brute force attacks on your login page.  So, don't let all your marketing efforts to drive traffic to your website by halted by these potential issues and follow some simple steps to improve security on your WordPress website today. NOTE : This guide is meant for shared hosting accounts.  If you have a VPS (Virtual Private Server), consider other/additional measures that work on the server or network level, specifically related to blocking malicious traffic, so that you can stop it BEFORE it

4 Things I Learned About Direct Message Marketing

Direct Message Marketing is all the rage , these days. Everyone has a phone in their pocket. So, naturally, the guaranteed delivery of your campaign through DMM means you spend less money on mass marketing efforts and have the opportunity of immediately opening a dialog. The Path to Success is Paved with Naysayers Anyone that owns a business has experienced resistance to DMM at one time or another.  Now, I'm not talking about the attempts that are simply ignored, I'm talking about the nasty, rude responders that cuss and block you.  A common immediate reaction to these tantrums is to consider it an exercise in scrubbing your friends list of negativity.  However, it can be easily turned into an opportunity.  Consider your target market.  Did the "friend" fall into yours?  Could you have changed the messaging in any way to appeal to this individual?  Even if the answer is a resounding "NO!", you can still discover some areas of improvement tha

Achievement Unlocked! - INBOX ZERO

As a software developer, program manager, small business owner and digital viking with shade-tree mechanical inclination on the side, it is often a daunting, if not impossible, feat to clear out my Inbox.  In fact, this hasn't happened in so long that I don't rightly recall when was the last time.  So, I thought I would take a few moments, now that I don't have this cloud hanging over my head and tell you a little bit about how I have been able to accomplish this heroic moment. Use Your Tools As with anything in life, if you don't get the right tools, or even worse, use the tools ones you have them, it is just a big fat waste of your time.  As you can see in the screenshot above, I use Google's Inbox platform for emails.  I used to use Gmail, but switched to Inbox a while ago, not because it was more capable, but because it had less clutter and I am happy to see that Gmail is slowly being redesigned to fit this demand.  And don't worry, it stil